On one hand we designed our service with the focus on being the less polluting possible. On the other hand, we offset the emissions generated by our office and employees as well as the emissions from our client’s stays. Thanks to ClimatePartner, we invest part of our yearly revenue to finance high-quality carbon offset projects. These projects are certified according to international standards, as well as being considered within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations

Carbon offset projects help other people in this world to enjoy better living conditions. Since they also demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions, they protect the climate. Without offsetting carbon, we will not achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Do you want to learn more? Check this out:

Almost every action in our day by day life entail some kind of pollution unfortunately. We know we can’t avoid to generate CO2 with our business activity, also with the service which our clients make use of. But we are firmly determined to reduce as much as possible our environmental footprint, and for the part which is impossible for us to avoid, we are offsetting it.

We are proud to share with you the project which we are financing this year:


These are the special measures we implement on our service

LED bulbs in all apartments for all the lamps.

A+ household appliances.

Recycling bins in every kitchen: we don’t force anyone to recycle, but we would like to give the possibility to our clients to reduce their impact by using the 3 bins available in the kitchens. One for plastic, one for paper and the other one for the rest.

Tap water purifier in every kitchen: the water in Budapest is completely drinkable and safe. Our intention is to invite our clients to do not buy bottled water, but drink the one of the tap. We aim to reduce the usage of plastics for being a great focus of contamination

Eco cleaning products: the products that our cleaning team is using to clean the apartments are environmental friendly

The toilet paper we provide is recycled, but at same time soft and skin-caring

We provide bio shower gel and shampoo delivered to our clients in dispensers, avoiding the usage of individual plastic containers

Both our bedlinen and towels are cleaned by a company certified on environmental care

From the check-in to the check-out we have prepared our processes to minimize the usage of paper and inks. As example: online registration, online check-in, online payment or electronic invoicing

Thanks to the proper information put in place in the apartments, we give tips to all our clients about how to reduce their impact: using energy consumptions (water, heating and electricity) mindfully or giving the opportunity to reuse their bed-linen and towels

As example rubbish collection, commutation to work place, usage of energy, etc

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